Birthday eve and Born...

.. In 1997 A certain Dark Winter Night, Yama(Vo,Guitars) who left Melodic Dark Metal act - Eternal Forest and his friend Nergal(Guitars) formed The band named Ethereal Sin with Ruine(Bass),and Loki(Drums). Soon,They made a demo was named "beggining". It was the first sound source made by under the name of Ethereal Sin. Then Oct 1997,We felt the necessity for a keyboard to our sounds, and Shinon joined as a keyboard player. Nov 1997, We started to recording of our 1st album have concept of the war legend.

1st official item release

Early 1998,Shinon was discharged for Since it was not eager for activity. We once could not but stop recording.We discussed and solved the problem. Ruine changed her part as Keyboards and Female Vocals. and Yama played bass. 1st album "The Cocoon and Ebony Thorns" out at June 6,1998.

New members,New materials...

A few months later, Loki's Retirement occurred.They started making new songs and look for new drummer with new bassist. Yama joined other bands SHADOW as a vocals. It entered in 1999 and we made new Promo demo called "LastDawn". Several months pass, Curze Messiah joined as a bassist, next, Yurkill joined as a guitar,Moonchik joined as a drums. But few months later,Yurkill and Moonchik left band. We continued looking for the drummer. And Yama participated in recording of SHADOW.

The Despairing Millennium and Return

The despairing millennium came, unfortunately The incident was occurred. At May,2000 Yama was arrested and it went into the jail. So Ethereal Sin was frozen two years... In 2002 Satanic Crimson Day,Yama was formed Ethereal Sin again. Yama and his War Partner Nergal came back to the war field. Immediately we were recording stored songs.The Demo named "The Return from the Darkest Abyss" was the proof of revival of Ethereal Sin. In early 2003,We called back Ruine and contracted with Killeakz for next demo that called "Lost Destination".After few days from "Lost Destination" completing,Killekz became a permanent member. In 2003 Winter, We has started recording of next Album.

The greatest danger...Frozen again

To our regret,Feb.2004 Ruine has left This Band by Some Problems. and The Recording was temporary stop.After a whiles, New Keyboardist joined. Her name is Yashak(Jask). In 2005 Spring, Chaory joined us for Drums and Killeakz change his part to Bass.We started to recording of next Album. But, End of 2005, We were Frozen again. 'cause Nergal,Chaory left band...

Reborn! and 1st Full-length released

Past Two Years...2007 Winter,Yama found New Members and The Band was Reborn! Thanatos,Rudra,Morgan,Zaren joined and Started for New Ethereal Sin. In June 2008, We fired Zaren for his Skill shortages. Thanatos changed his part to Battery from Guitar. and 2 New Members has come. Randa for Vocals, Sariel for Lead Guitars.We started recording of next Album! To our regret,End of 2008,Thanatos left the Band for difference of the Music Character.But,Our Works didn't stop.They look for New Drummers and Supported by Botis Snake and more Help Drummers at Last, We released new Album with some cruel songs...titled "The Abyss will also gaze into thee" at Mar 2009.

To Best LineUp!

In April 2009,Sokaris Brastyr joined as a New Drummer! In Jun 2009,Randa seceded though it was really regrettable. The band will be temporary formed like their early style that Yama play Vo/G. and In Aug 2009,We fired Rudra by his zeal to this band disappeared. So In Oct 2009,Vlad Demogorgon joined as a New Bassist. He play contrabass! In Feb 2010,Yama decided that he concentrates on Vocals.and Seth joined as a New guitarist.In Sep 2010,Seth left the band for his skill shortages. But,our step didn't stop again.We made new EP for Promotion of latest lineup. It's named "The Psalms of Forgotten Saga" at Nov 2010.Seth support our gigs. After few months, Vlad left bands by some matters.Soon Seth joined as a Bass. It's permanently. Approximately one year,We tried some guitar. In Aug 2012, We got New Guitar named Kohen Schnitter. We started recording for new album. At the same time, We continued some gigs. Big One is Live Tour to South Korea. Another is Finalist of Metal Battle Japan(Road to Wacken).

and Now...

We decided to re-release our first album with re-arrange,re-recording,remix and remasterd.This Album named "The Abyss will also gaze into thee : ricordo" released on Feb 2013. In Apr,They played Hammersonic - The Biggest Extreme Metal Fest in SouthAsia (Head Liner : Cradle of Filth). and They got the qualifications to compete in the finals of METAL BATTLE JAPAN 2013 at second consecutive year. In The End of July, The Wind of change blow. Morgan and Band were talked about several problems. and on both agreement, She was decided to leave the band. So They got some supporting members and They will support to NE OBLIVISCARIS (Australian Symphonic Black)'s Japan Tour in Aug. and MARDUK/Taake/Charach Angren's Japan Tour in Sep. We will try to high stage with New Album! This is Our Story...

Hail to Dark Fellow Soldiers !

We are Elegiac Black Metal Horde
"Ethereal Sin"

"Arcane of Ancient Asia"

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